One of the hardest things for a creative agency to do is to point the microscope inwards and work on your own brand…especially when you are busy delivering design solutions for clients. That perfect communication execution always seems one more iteration away and the studio is always too busy to focus on it. The redesign gets put on hold and left behind.

Well no more... we've taken the plunge and built our new site as part of an on going re-brand that will take shape over the next few months.

Our last site had been online for too long without so much as a facelift. In the world of digital that makes it about as out of date as Sunny D. So with a new head of online strategy onboard it was time for a real change.

The new site will act as a platform for change, helping us to share and develop our fresh branding and tell our story. Over the next few weeks we will be updating it with new work and blog posts. There is photography and new case studies underway as I type.