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Great brands don't happen by accident...

They need clear thinking, energy and nurturing. We help our clients to nurture new brands, energise old ones and rethink tired ones. 

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6 steps to a successful brand

1. a great idea...

All successful brands are based on a good idea, maybe a unique product or an exceptional service. And the really successful ones invest time and great effort in nurturing the relationship that they have with their customers.
A great brand is about much more than just a logo or a photograph – it is built on people’s experiences and feelings about an organisation and its products. In todays challenging business environment, brands have to work hard to gain a place in the hearts and minds of the discerning consumer.

2. a true story...

Who are you? At the heart of every truly great brand is a story. A story based in reality that has evolved with the company’s heritage and culture, sometimes over a period of time. It influences the way that products look and the way the company behaves. In essence it is the personality of the company. The trick is to discover exactly who you really are and to position this at the core of everything you do.

3. real passion...

The way that your brand is expressed through marketing and design must capture and convey the true story of your company in an engaging and intelligent way. This is your point of difference which, once identified, you must promote with passion and energy. In a crowded marketplace you need your personality and message to shine.

4. a strong mark...

The best brands are clearly thought through and well managed to help customers understand their products and services and what it is that makes them distinctive. Some of the very best brands are simple, using a skilful blend of logo, typography, imagery, colour, layout and language as strategic tools to connect with potential customers. This ensures that they stay ahead of the competition.

5. powerful words...

People’s opinion of your brand is shaped by many things. Your story and the way you tell it is just as important in words and verbally as it is in typography and colour. Behaving like a brand is caring about how people feel about you so that you build a strong and positive dialogue with your customers and ensures that you have straightforward messages that encourage people to discover more.

6. a bigger picture...

Great images can communicate ideas even faster than the cleverest tagline. So photographs that express style and positioning are key brand communication tools. A well thought out and produced photographic image can tell a compelling story that simply communicates a brand’s essence.

"Great brands don’t happen by accident... they need clear thinking, energy and nurturing."

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